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The club is a self defence school based on ju jitsu. Ju Jitsu is a Japanese form of unarmed self defence; though some weapons are part of the classical Ju Jitsu teachings and can be introduced as part of your training when you have sufficient experience.

Self defence training improves your focus, motor skills, confidence, self defence skills, discipline, fitness, strength and suppleness. It is suitable for women, children and men. Our group is for those aged 4 plus. All level of abilities can gain from training. The sessions allow an indivdual to progress at a pace suited to the individual. Besides the physical and mental health benefits the club also has an active social and community life, allowing people to make new friends and be active in their communty.

Training is at Paradigm Martial Arts Centre on Monday and Wednesday nights from 730pm to 930pm. The Monday and Wednesday sessions are open to students aged 14 plus.

Juniors train at Litherland Sports Park on Saturdays from 12pm to 1pm. Adults students wanting to help, who are preparing for gradings or competition are welcome to attend the Saturday sessions. The Saturday sessions can sometimes be extended beyond 1pm to accomodate senior students practising. Contact a coach for details about seniors training on a Saturday.

Juniors and seniors can train together at Litherland Sports Park on Thursdays from 4.30pm to 5.30pm. This is to allow families and friends to train together.

Both venues are closed on Bank Holidays.

All classes are open to new students, all classes are mixed - beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Extra sessions or events can be arranged at short notice. Contact a coach for more information on extra sessions. People need to check before attending an extra session as they can be rearranged because of other events.

Club Instructors are DBS cleared, first aid trained and comply with NAKMAS regulation and guidelines. NAKMAS is the governing body of the BKJJA.

The academy is active in teaching self defence in the local community, including schools and colleges. The club and its students have had successes in local, regional, national and international events. Coaches from the club can also arrange competitions, short courses, demonstrations and special sessions for organisations or individuals interested in martial arts.