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Maintained by Doug Southern
Updated 26th March 2006

Syllabus - Junior Brown belt
Techniques listed here must only be performed in an approved DOJO, with a registered coach present.
Do not perform these techniques without the proper supervision.
1. Cross ankle throw.
2. Leg wheel.
3. Outer wheel.
4. Outer hook throw.
5. Dropping version of reverse body drop.
6. Shoulder crash.
7. Three different blocks using same blocking arm (1 way only).
8. Palm heel knockout blow to chin.(2)
9. Left upward block with knife hand to neck. (1)
10. Chop to neck with kick to solar plexus etc, delivered to two opponents. (1)
11. Roundhouse kick to solar plexus etc. (2 techniques)
12. Roundhouse kick from ground to lower body. (Knee, groin, abdomen)
13. Arm & shoulder throw with shoulder lock, elbow lock & wrist lock.
14. Upward kick to kneecap (using heel).
15. Side kick to kneecap (using side of foot).
16. Demonstrate a Back kick when held by both hands from behind.
17. Side snap kick to kneecap followed by roundhouse kick to ribs.
18. Five ways of throwing opponent from behind.
19. Action against three or more attackers (4 ways only).
20. Shoulder dislocations from previous belts (revision).
21. One handed throws (3 ways each side only).
Plus revision (including grade appropriate random attacks)