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Maintained by Doug Southern

Syllabus - Junior White belt
Techniques listed here must only be performed in an approved DOJO, with a registered coach present.
Do not perform these techniques without the proper supervision.
1. Demonstrate Mat Etiquette.
2. Demonstrate Two Basic Exercises.
3. Perform breakfalls. Kata preferred but not essential.
  1. Back Breakfall
  2. Front Breakfall
  3. Left Side Breakfall
  4. Right Side Breakfall
  5. Rolling Breakfall
  6. Rolling Breakfall
4. Demonstrate Blocks. Kata preferred but not essential
  1. Downward inside forearm block
  2. Upward inside forearm block
  3. Upward rising block
  4. Downward 'X' block
  5. Upward 'X' block
  6. Single cross block
5. Breaking a front strangle (2 ways).
6. Breaking a back strangle (2 ways).
7. Straight arm lock.
8. Shoulder lock.
9. Hip throw.
10. Recumbent ankle throw.