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The BKJJA home dojo is in Paradigm Martial Arts Centre 100 Sefton Lane Maghull L31 8BT.
The Junior's Saturday sessions are held in Litherland Sports Park's upstairs studio.
The BKJJA's Photos Page on Facebook - you do not need to be a member or logged on to Facebook to view the pictures.
Kit and equipment can be ordered by contacting a coach. If you cannot attend a session to make an order then identifying an item on Blitz and forwarding the link or links via email to means you can order an item from a coach at club prices.
The Waterloo Partnership is a charity based in Waterloo, Merseyside that the BKJJA support. It helps people and communities in the Waterloo area of Sierra Leone.
This Ju Jitsu link is to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia and has some interesting information on Ju Jitsu, though some of its content is debateable at times.
I've found the following sites interesting or useful - Ju Jitsu Videos from a club based in America; Judo Throw Animations has the Japanese names for Judo throws and simple animations of the techniques.
The club's main dojo is close to the port of Liverpool, the link will help you find out more about Liverpool.
The town of Maghull is part of Sefton, Merseyside. The link is the local government site.
The Mushin Martial Arts Academy are a group whose senior coach is a friend of the BKJJA senior coaches and trained with the coaches for many years.
The WIJJF - Wirral and International Ju Jitsu Federation - run several styles of martial art classes.
The WJJF - World Ju Jitsu Federation - run open mat sessions that dan grades and students who are not members of the WJJF can train at.
The Association Francophone de Tai Jutsu is the web presence of Alain Vanderschueren, the senior coach at the dojo in Brussels . The pages are in French. Clicking on the following - Tai Jutsu - takes you into Google where you can choose to translate the page into English.
The Wirral Shotokan Karate Club is the web presence of a Wirral based karate club that makes students of all martial arts welcome at their events.
The Combat Academy is a group that organises open competitions. People that wish to try their skills competitively before taking part in an event not organised by the BKJJA should contact a BKJJA coach to ensure insurance and other competition criteria are met.
I found the following interesting - from the USA - the JUKO RYU pages.
The Ryukyu Kobujutsu Association Great Britain was established by Sensei Julian Mead, a 6th Dan in Karate and Kobujutsu. Sensei Mead has traditional karate and weapons courses many of which are open events. The club was introduced to Sensei Mead by Shihan Bessant of Shinseikyu Karate Harlow.
The Berlin dojo visited in October 2005 can be accessed via this link Tendoryu Aikido.
These are links for legal advice regarding self defence
Legal Advice.
Self Defence Devices.
Staying Safe.
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