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September 2017

New Training Session

The club is continuing to trial an extra training session. Held on Thursdays at 4.30pm for one hour at Litherland Sports Park.
The session is family friendly. It is a mixed session - adults and juniors. It gives a chance for parents and other family members and friends to train with junior students.
Adults who are not bringing children are also welcome. All skill levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced are welcome.
Fees are as normal for sessions. Newcomers to the club have a free first session.
As the session is relatively new I need to confirm the booking each week. If you intend to train at any of the Thursday sessions please let me know. If there are insufficient numbers I may need to cancel the booking.

BKJJA Gradings - August 2017 to September 2017

Congratulations to those that have graded recently
Will and Jack who graded to White (7th Kyu) on 5-Aug-17
Adam who took Orange (5th Kyu) on 9-Aug-17
Andy D who graded to Brown (1st Kyu) on 9-Aug-17
Isla took Blue (3rd Kyu) on 19-Aug-17
Thank you to the training and grading partners and the examiners.

Liverpool Cathedral Abseil - Saturday 12 August 2017

Jane, Mark B, Graham and Peter completed the charity abseil to raise funds for three charities at 6pm Saturday 12 August 2017 at Liverpool Cathedral.
Liverpool Cathedral use this to raise funds to pay for the funding of the abseil facilities and for the Cathedral's own fund raising
As well as the Cathedral funds are being raised for other charities. Jane and Peter raised funds for Claire House, Mark B and Graham for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust
Most donations have been passed to the participants. If you still need to pass your donation to a participant please do so as soon as possible. The donations articipants have sponsor forms on them if you wish to make a donation. As fund raising charity pages charge a fee I am using PayPal if you wish to pay online. In the messages section of the payment pages please name the person you are sponsoring. UK taxpayers can also Gift Aid the donation, adding 25p for each pound donated. If you wish to Gift Aid your donation please put your full address inlcuding post code in the messages section. The Paypal payment page is Peter's PayPal. Thank you to everyone for your support.

Equipment Ordering

Uniforms and other equipment (suits, belts, bag gloves, body armour etc.) can be obtained from a coach. Though many local shops can provide items. Delivery of items from a club coach usually takes 7 to 10 days; faster delivery is available but incurs an extra charge. Club coaches can get discounts from suppliers. From a club coach - basic white suits for juniors start at 20; adult/teenager basic suits start at 22; coloured belts are 2.50 each. Club badges are available at 3.50 (chest badge) and 5 (leg flashes). Club polo shirts can also be ordered starting at 9 each. Club T-shirts starting at 6. Club Hoodies at 30. Club specific items can take more than 2 weeks to arrive.
The club sources kit from Blitz. If you forward the link of an item you want to the item can be ordered and purchased at club prices
The club is now using Paypal to accept online payments. Annual membership fees can be paid this way if you wish
Invoices that can be paid via Paypal online can be generated for those that order kit
The club can also accept debit and credit card payments at training sessions or other venues.
Contact a coach for details

Muga Mushin Ryu Ju Jitsu

BKJJA members are welcome to train with Master Sue King at her club in Utting Avenue East, near to Broadway.
The session times do not clash with BKJJA sessions. It's an opportunity to train with Master King who has over 30 years of martial arts training. Sue also has a Facebook presence - Muga Mushin Ryu.
Muga Mushin Ryu has a similar syllabus to the BKJJA and means students can get extra practice sessions at a club with excellent standards.

Eagle Jui Jitsu

BKJJA members can also train with Wirral & International Jiu-Jitsu Federation with Sensei Paul Sheridan at several venues on the Wirral. Sensei Sheridan's venues have several styles being studied, they include Tai Chi, Ju Jitsu and Iaido. Please contact a club coach for more details.

Open Competitions

There are two clubs running open events in England that BKJJA members are welcome to take part in. More details can be found on their websites. The United Martial Alliance (UMA) website address is It has events based in and around the Midlands and the North West. The Combat Academy ( has events held in the South East. The events are held regularly. BKJJA members taking part must ensure their insurance covers the event.


A hard copy of the monthly newsletter is no longer published. Email newsletters are sometimes produced. If you wish to be on the email distribution please contact
The club has the BKJJA fan page on Facebook (
We can also be followed on Twitter, the account is @BKJJA.