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Maintained by Doug Southern
Updated 26th March 2006

Syllabus - Senior Blue belt
Techniques listed here must only be performed in an approved DOJO, with a registered coach present.
Do not perform these techniques without the proper supervision.
1. Loin or Hip Wheel.
2. Three Ways to Escape Head Chancery. Right and Left Arm (6 techniques)
3. Counter Measures against Front and Rear Garrotting. (4 techniques)
4. Two Counters to Bar Choke.
5. Variations on Holding Down, including standing single and standing double arm (8 ways only)
6. Breaking Strangles and Chokes on the Ground. (Minimum of 2 from the side, minimum of 2 from between legs, minimum of 2 from the head)
7. Demonstrate Front Snap Kicks.
8. Demonstrate Side Thrust Kicks.
9. Demonstrate Roundhouse Kicks.
10. Demonstrate Spinning Back Kicks.
11. Upward Inside 'S' Parry Blocks from right and left punch to head.(Minimum of 2 finish offs)
12. Demonstrate Upward Rising Block. (Minimum of 2 finish offs)
13. Right Arm Outside Forearm Block, Elbow to Ribs and Backfist to Kidneys from a Right punch to Head.
14. Pressure point from a Head Chancery (right and left arm).
15. Scissors and Naked Choke Hold.
16. Wedge Block. (2 finish offs)
Plus revision (including grade appropriate random attacks) .