The Union Flag


Maintained by Doug Southern
Updated 26th March 2006

Syllabus - Senior Purple belt
Techniques listed here must only be performed in an approved DOJO, with a registered coach present.
Do not perform these techniques without the proper supervision.
1. Spring Hip Throw
2. Scooping Throw Back and Front
3. Three Counters to Straight Arm Lock
4. Counters to Back Arm and Collar Hold (minimum of 4, left and right arm controlled)
5. Dropping Version of Body Drop
6. Roundhouse Kick to Solar Plexus Whilst Walking
7. Roundhouse Kick to Kidneys (2)
8. Front Kick followed by Side Kick (minimum 3 variations)
9. Side Kick followed by Front Snap Kick (minimum 2 variations)
10. Roundhouse Kick followed by Back Kick
11. Downward Inside Forearm Block, attacking with punches (3)
12. Valley Drop Throw
13. Full Shoulder Throw
14. Head, Hip and Knee Throw
15. Shoulder Wheel Throw
16. Indian Death Lock
Plus revision (including grade appropriate random attacks)