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A Great Saturday Afternoon!

Saturday 15 December was busy!

The Rhino colouring was completed.

Grading certificates were presented.

A Kumite (sparring) competition was held.

Several students chose to complete the picture of a rhino. Sensei Saunders chose a winner and presented Sophie with a lego pack as a thank you for her work.

The club has held some gradings recently.

Sophie was awarded her 4th Kyu (green belt) certificates.

Isla was awarded 1st Kyu (brown belt) documents.

Sensei Jane Saunders presented the certificates to the two young ju jitsukai.

After the certs were awarded for the pictures and gradings the Kumite Competition began.

The action was fast and furious at times and fun!

Once the competition ended the participation and gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded.

The younger students, the Shagakusei Fighters medals were as follows

Gold: Bobby

Silver: Jack

Bronze: Danny

The Chugakusei Fighters results are

Gold: Ethan

Silver: Isla

Bronze: Sophie and Will

To help celebrate an awards podium was set up

Thank you to all the fighters for their efforts and commitment.

Sensei Jane and Shihan Peter appreciate the officials and helpers who make sure things run smoothly. Ben, Lindsey, Graham and Mark did a fine job!

The drawings, exams, sessions and competitions could not happen without the support of the families and friends of the students. Their help is a great benefit to the club.

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