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Dojo Time!

For the first time in a few months the club was able to train indoors.

Litherland Sports Park is closed. Attitude Dance opened on Saturday 25 July, allowing the club to run its weekday sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7.30pm. The weekday sessions run for 90 minutes, those that want to can leave at 8.30pm

Sunday sessions are also being held at the dance studio - three 30 minute sessions. The first is at 12pm, then to allow for cleaning the next session starts at 12.45pm. The final Sunday session starts at 1.30pm.

Students need to book their places with a coach. The request will then be confirmed once the number of coaches attending a session is known.

The first session after the lockdown was held on Monday 27 July. Infection protocols were in place. A major part of the session used weapons - they help with distancing!

The indoor session gave Shihan Smith and Sensei Saunders the opportunity to present Leo with his yellow belt (5th Kyu) certificates. Leo had to open the envelope himself and the team photo needed to be distanced.

Congratulations Leo!

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