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Training outdoors - weather permitting!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I'm arranging outdoor sessions on Crosby Stuart's football fields Saturday 25th July, as long as the weather is ok. The free sessions are for club members.

Students need book your place. The fields are large enough for spectators.

There are no real facilities there and parking is on site. Please do not park on the nearby streets.

Participants will need to wear clothing suitable for the weather, sun cream and a hat (even if it's cloudy). As it's a grass field those training need to be comfortable with getting grass stains on their training clothes. The weather we've had means the grass may be fairly wet, so appropriate footwear is need.

As usual juniors will have 1st dibs on the bookings. Seniors will be put on a waiting list. If there is enough interest we'll set up overflow sessions with a second coach. There will be a maximum of 5 students at each session training with 1 coach. Please contact a coach to book your place.

Saturday 25th July - 12pm to 12.30pm - 2 places left

Saturday 25th July - 12.45pm to 1.15pm - 4 places left

Saturday 25th July - 1.30pm to 2pm - 1 place left

If you're driving to the venue enter the postcode as L22 3YB

The entrance is opposite house number 50 on Brook Vale. Brook Vale is a narrow one way street. Park inside the gates, please do not park on the residential street

Our training session will be in the left field when looking at the fields from Brook Vale.

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