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Club Documents

Club Documents

You need a password to access club documents pages. Click on the headings to access the page needed.


The documents are for the use of active club members only.

All documents are copyright protected and cannot be used without the express permission of the club's senior officials.

The senior officials are Senior Instructor Shihan Peter Smith and Welfare Officer Sensei Jane Saunders. 


There are 4 levels of access

General : For parents, guardians and students from beginners to brown belt. All active members can access the documents.

Senior Grades: For active members at First Kyu (brown belt) and above

Instructors: These documents help NAKMAS registered instructors (3rd Kyu (blue belt) and higher grades. Not all blue belts and higher grades choose to be registered instructors

Examiners: For NAKMAS registers examiners (1st Dan and higher grades). Not all dan grades are registered examiners 


Documents specifically for novice to 1st Kyu (brown belt) members

Senior Grades
Useful documents for members at 1st Kyu and higher


Instructor specific documents (3rd Kyu and above)


For Dan grades only

The documents at this page do not need a password

Welcome Pack

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