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Kids Programme

Kids Self Defence

Juniors learn a programme designed to be effective and safe. The techniques are designed for youngsters aged 4 to 17.

The system is planned to suit the individual and at a pace best suited to the youngster.

Our method uses a coloured belt system to show progress from basic defence moves to more complicated actions.

The junior syllabus can be found here


Safe Kids

The club's accredited Safe Kids officer ensures everyone is aware of  the NAKMAS Safe Kids program. Safe Kids is not just about when kids train, it's about all the places and people the youngsters know.

The club has a few competition formats. The comps are safe formats of adult events. Only kids that want to take part compete. Others can be helpers - such as scorers, timekeepers or just be spectators.

Groundwork - starting on the ground the kids try to hold their partner down

Sparring - wearing head, hand, body and leg protectors the youngster uses karate type rules to try to score

The Logo of NAKMAS


The club uses our governing body's anti-bullying processes. NAKMAS ensure its members practice and comply with current best practice and regs. A NAKMAS statement on bullying is available at this link



Fun and Games (Drills)
During a class self defence moves are practiced, usually with a partner. 

A session will start with a warm up to help the youngster be ready to train safely.

After practicing moves the class ends with drills to help cool down and enhance the skills learnt during the class.

Drills are usually in the form of games. The games help improve fitness, motor and social skills. The games let kids work on their own and in a team


Parties and social events allow the kids, their family and friends to be together outside the training room.

Sometimes they are held in the training venue, other times at local pubs or restaurants (that are child friendly).

The Logo Of NAKMAS
The Logo Of NAKMAS
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