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Sat 17 Jul 2021

Stomach Throw.jpg

Tue 15 Jun 2021

Noh Samurai mask.jpg

England stays in Step 3 of lockdown from Monday 21 June. Some changes are being made, none of the changes from 21 June affect any of the club's hygiene protocols. More information is on this webpage
There are no changes to the Return To Play status. Those under 18 are in phase 3, where contact is allowed - keeping risks to a minimum. Adults are in phase 2 - no contact, working with pads, bags etc.
Where kit is shared it must be cleaned between use.
Social distancing is required.
Masks must be worn, they are not needed during exercise or by seated spectators. When holding bags or pads for under 18s adults must wear a mask

Wed 9 Jun 2021

Schools Out.jpg

Some of our students are in year 11. They are moving to 6th form or higher education.

Fri 14 May 2021


A club member has a family member who has been reported missing.

The BKJJA's blog has a picture and contact details if you should sight or know the whereabouts of Anthony McCarty.

Please feel free to share the link

Tue 27 Apr 2021

Chest Badge.jpeg

Parents, family and family friends need to stay aware that child abduction is active in the UK. Information about protecting children is available at this website
A recent incident with a student that trains with the BKJJA makes it imperative

Wed 31 Mar 2021

Covid 20210329.jpg

The club is starting outdoor sessions on from Easter Saturday 3rd April.
Check the image's alt text to see the club's message about the requirements

The alt text is as follows

The club is starting outdoor sessions on from Easter Saturday 3rd April. Adult students and parents and guardians of under 18 students need to be aware of the precautions the club is taking to keep students, spectators and coaches safe before, during and after classes.

Please review this web page


The club is running sessions outdoors as follows:

* Outdoor sessions require students and spectators to wear appropriate clothing for the weather; participants must take precautions including hats and sun creams to protect from the sun


* Participants and spectators must self-assess before coming to any activities – being aware of any symptoms and staying away as necessary. If you feel ill with Covid like symptoms or have been in contact with someone with Covid please do not attend a session


*Temperature checks will be done prior to a session starting. Those that the equipment identifies as having a high temperature cannot train or spectate. A person identified by the club as having a high temperature will be advised to seek medical advice

* Spectators and participants must be prepared to continue to adhere to legal gathering limits before and after any activities, acting responsibly and limiting transmission risk wherever possible.

* Participants are choosing to take part in a modified version of the BKJJA syllabus and lesson plans, including any relevant Covid-19 measures, and will comply with these measures as a condition of participation.

* All members need to ensure membership/insurance are up to date to be able to participate in sessions

* Spectators are only allowed for the supervision of U-18s (for safeguarding) and that they must remain socially distanced from other households


* Where any fees are due they should be made using contactless methods whenever possible. Cash is accepted and is best presented using an envelope with details of the fee on the outer of the envelope. The BKJJA's payment register must be correctly completed


* A register to help with NHS Track and Trace must be completed. A QR code will allow people to advise they have attended or spectated using the NHS app. Contact details for each party at the session must be placed on the register .


* Adult students – one coach with five adults


* Adults are able to do pad and kick shield work work (masks to be worn by the adult holding the pads etc.)


* Under 18 students – one coach with up to fifteen students


* Adult and junior students can be at the same session (no mixing unless they are in the same household)


* Under 18 students can do pad work and some limited contact work


* Club equipment will be available. Any BKJJA equipment used during a session will be correctly cleaned before and after a session. Any club items which are shared must correctly cleaned between use. Club equipment that is used may change between sessions to help with lesson plans. Grappling dummies, focus pads and kick shields will be at each session


* Personal equipment can be used. Personal items must not be shared


* Students need to bring a towel and drinking water. These items must not be shared


* The BKJJA is following the NAKMAS document 'Return To Training Plan' v1 March 2020 and any updates to it that are published. Requirements may change as part of government, Sport England or NAKMAS actions. If any compliance items need to be changed or added they will be undertaken as promptly as possible and publicised using BKJJA's usual contact methods

Sun 21 Mar 2021

open sign 2.jpg

Our first outdoor session post lockdown is confirmed. Easter Saturday 3rd April, 12pm at Brook Vale Recreation Grounds L23 3YB. Outdoor seesions can be cancelled at short notice because of poor weather. Places are limited and safety protocols will be in place. Please contact me to book a place.,-3.0176593,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x487b247a8c6daaab:0x9c60e66ac77c5069!8m2!3d53.4726179!4d-3.0154706

Sat 13 Mar 2021

Red Nose 2021.JPG

Another event we have to make up for when we can meet face to face again! I was given the nose in advance of this year's Red Nose Day - Friday 19 March

Mon 8 Mar 2021

Gi String.jpg

If only someone had shown me this years ago - my gi bottom threading would've been reduced to minutes rather than hours

Sat 6 Mar 2021


For those of that don't have school age children in our lives a short summary of Step 1 Part 1 of the government's roadmap. From Monday 8 March: Schools open, school sports indoor and outdoor allowed. Care homes can have a single visitor. People can meet 1 to 1 outside to socialise or exercise; As it's a summary more information can be found on the government's website:

Thu 25 Feb 2021

NAKMAS-Covid-Safe -BKJJA.jpg

NAKMAS corona virus update

Fri 12 Feb 2021

Nigeria Flag.jpeg

The latest addition to the club's collection of flags. Let me know which nation this is the flag of. Club juniors may get a surprise


Max and Vicky accurately identified the flag.

Wed 27 Jan 2021

Open with YouTube.jpg

I've updated the club's YouTube channel. If there's items you'd like to see on there please let me know

Fri 15 Jan 2021

YouTube Logo.jpg

If you are missing Ju Jitsu please check our social media and the club website. The club's YouTube channel has some videos that may help until we're back training face to face
If club members would like videos uploaded related to a personal preference please let me know