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Self Defence Is For Everyone

Self Defence

Everyone is able to do and take part in self defence classes.

If you practice regularly there is an age restriction. The club needs regular participants to be age 4 or older.

If you want to know more you can watch any of the regular, taster or short course sessions.

You can take part in taster sessions or short courses.

Your first training session at a regular session is free to see how you feel about our programme.

The club runs demonstrations and taster sessions for schools and other organisations.

The club is an equal opportunities club. We welcome people of all ages (4 and over) and all abilities. People with previous and current experience of martial and fighting arts are encouraged to train with us.

A list of techniques in our coloured belt syllabus is in the link

What We Do

The club runs several programmes at our training rooms in Litherland and Bootle.

The club enjoys visiting other clubs, in the UK and abroad. Meeting like-minded people is inspiring, it also  allows us to learn and teach.

The coloured belt system allows you to know how you're progressing.  Starting as a novice, with regular practice you can become a black belt.

Some like to test and demonstrate their abilities. For those that do we run and take part in competitions.

Friends and family can help at these comps by helping (scoring, timekeeper etc.)

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