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Excellent Training Venues

The club is lucky to train at two excellent venues.

Litherland Sports Park is where kids aged 4 to 16 can train on Saturdays from 12pm to 1pm. The venue is also used by the club to hold competitions and celebrations.

The juniors, that wish to, can take part in competition formats. They are designed to be fun, safe and help them show off their newly acquired skills. Helpers of any age are always needed at the comps. There are two main types of junior comps the club runs.

Ground work - where the youngsters start from a kneeling or sitting position and try to hold their partner down.

Sparring, where using modified karate rules, the kids try to score points by touching targets on their friend,

The celebrations are normally informal parties, where the kids get a chance to do games that are not always martial arts drills and meet their partners and adults outside of the formality of the training session.

The sports park has a range of facilities available to the public. Click on the image to go to the official website for Litherland Sports Park.


Attitude Dance is the venue where the senior students and teenagers aged 14 and over train on Mondays and Wednesdays at 730pm.

The club has been training here since the start of 2018. It is near Bootle town centre and with good public transport it is a real boon for the club.

The teenagers and adults are hoping to use the dance studio for competitions and socials.

We have several types of competition suitable for senior students.

Random attacks: this allows partners to practice with each other and show their skills as a pair competing against other pairs.

Sports Jutsu: A sparring and throwing event, where an individual tests their abilities. Touch contact strikes, throws and submission moves score in this format.

Ground work: Similar to the kids event, this time submissions are allowed.

The club visits other venues and seminars to train, practice and compete. Training away from the club introduces us to like minded people, widens our skill sets and we learn competitive formats under different local, regional or national rules.

As ju jitsu exponents the club is welcomed to events in other martial art styles, including judo, karate and aikido to name just three.

Traditional and modern ju jitsu schools are among those venues the club enjoys visiting.

The dance studio is active in the local community. Club members, their family and friends use the dance studio to exercise, learn a range of dance forms and participate in dance and theatre events.

Click on the Attitude Dance picture for their website.

The staff and management at both venues are friendly, approachable and supportive of the club. If you need a sports venue or a dance studio these come highly recommended.

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