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Brian Jacks - Superstar Judoka

Several members of the club trained with Sensei Brain Jacks 10th Dan judo today - Saturday 19 May.

The event was held at Wirral Tennis and Sports Centre.

The participants were martial artists from several different styles, including sambo. ju jitsu, judo and karate.

The event was hosted and organised by Wirral Shotokan Karate Club. Thanks go to Sensei Ian and Sensei Frank for inviting us to an outstanding event.

Brian Jacks demonstrated very effective techniques that we were then able to practice.

The drills at the start were fun and helped prepare us for the training.

There were two sessions. At the end of each session Brian Jacks had a Q&A session. There were interesting answers, some of which were about his life as a judoka and a TV Superstar competitor.

A brilliant and memorable day.

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