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Half Term Training!

It's half term and the club is holding sessions with seniors training with juniors at Attitude Dance.

Parents and children can train together on Monday 28 and Wednesday 30 May. Normally weekday sessions are limited to those aged 14 and older. This week the sessions are open to all club members.

The classes start at 730 pm and finish at 9 pm. Kids need not stay for the full 90 minutes.

Session fees are the same for these weekday sessions.

The sessions are mixed - beginners, intermediate and advanced students train in the same dojo (training room)

Parents, family and friends are welcome to stay and watch the session. The venue has a range of facilities which make it comfortable for visitors. Parents are welcome to drop their youngster off and pick them up when they need to go home.

The extra sessions can help the youngster prepare for their next grading. It's also a chance for a parent or youngster to ask 'What if....?'. The coaches will answer any self defence related issues. The instructors can show techniques. The team at the BKJJA can help with issues that can happen outside of the training room such as anti-bullying.

Come along! Enjoy getting fitter while learning a useful skill!

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