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Hard Work = Novice to Brown Belt!

On Monday 23 July a new member of the club was awarded his first belt (white) and the club's Safe Kids Officer graded to Brown Belt!

Junior student Logan graded to 7th Kyu on Sunday 22 July and was presented with his completed certificates at the Bootle Dojo on Monday evening.

Logan was supported in obtaining his belt by Jane, Mark B, Andy W, Paul and Jack F.

During the session Mark B took his 1st Kyu (Brown Belt) exam. After successfully completing the grading Mark was presented with his Brown Belt.

Mark's examiner was Sensei Jane Saunders. His uke were Andy W, Scott and Lindsey.

An uke is the person receiving the technique, sometimes also called the attacker. At the level Mark is at not all the moves he is required to demonstrate need an attack.

Mark's family and friends have supported him as he has progressed from a beginner to brown belt. His next grading will be to black belt.

Congratulations Mark!

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