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Twenty Years of BKJJA and Annual Awards!

Inside Nicola's

The club was founded on a Tuesday in 1998. Today 12 November 2018 is the club's 20th Anniversary.

As part of the celebrations the club organised a meal at Nicola's Restaurant in South Road, Waterloo.

The meal was on Saturday 10 November.

The get together allowed the club to present it's Annual Awards.

The Student Awards presented were:

Chugakusei Student Of The Year: Ethan

Shogakusei Student Of The Year: Isla

Junior Coach Of The Year: Lindsey

The Senior Awards presented were:

Senior Coach of the year: Mark B

Senior Student Of The Year: Andy W

Kanchō: Jane

As usual there were the usual fun awards presented.

Mr International: Andy W

The Vandal: Danny

Toe Terrier: Mark H

Chemical Warfare: Ben

The Ross Cameron Award: Andy D

Scarlet Pimpernel: Alan

Queen Of The Desert: Laura

Duracell Bunnies: Paul J and Jack F

Square Head: Lindsey

You'd need to talk to the person receiving the award to get an accurate explanation of why they received the award.

After the meal some of us went to The Trap and Hatch, where we met Boo.

Jane and I would like to thank everyone who was able to celebrate with us at Nicola's and made the night an enjoyable one.

Jane and I would like to thank those that have supported the club during the last year and since the club's foundation.

There's some important gradings and events coming up in the future, We're looking forward to what's coming as as well as celebrating our 20th anniversary.

Well done to those that received awards!

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