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Upcoming Competition!

On Saturday 7 September there will be a ground work competition at Litherland Sports Park.

Starting at 12pm the competition will use the club's groundwork rules.

Juniors aged 4 to 16 are welcome to take part. For insurance purposes participants must be members of the club (BKJJA) or properly registered with their home club.

Size and experience will be use to choose the competition's groups.

The fee is the normal session fee for a Saturday class.

Fighters will have a least two bouts.

There will be a need for helpers during the session.

General helpers to make sure fighters are ready and in the right place at the right time.

Scorers and timekeepers will also be needed.

Club seniors will act as referees and assistant referees.

Juniors who want to officiate can help at the official's table or prepping other youngsters taking part.

Spectator are welcome; family and friends are encouraged to support the youngsters. Spectating is free.

Contact the club by phone, Facebook, Twitter, email, Instagram or at a training session to register.

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