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2023 Awards Announcement!

At the 25 Year Anniversary Celebration and Annual Awards Meal held on Saturday 11th November the following awards were made

2023 Coach Of The Year: Emma Steven

2023 Student Of the Year: Senior: Joseph Park

2023 Kōkōsei Student Of the Year: Secondary School: Max McDonough

2023 Chugakusei Student Of the Year: Primary School: Ella Rowley

2023 Student - Special Mention: Liam Williams

The club also presented certificates based on incidents that happened in 2023

Kancho Award: Jane Saunders

Scarlet Pimpernel: Jane Saunders

The Real G.O.A.T. : Kaia Robinson

The White Rabbit: Jane Saunders

The Undefeated: Ali Balbe

Ross Cameron Award: Andy Duffy

International Person Of Mystery: .--. . .-. .-. .. -. / .... --- .- .-. .

The Waged Free Man: Isaac Tweedle

(more pics to follow)

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