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Adult Training - Indoors!

Adults are allowed to take part in indoor sessions from Monday 17th May.

The sessions cannot have contact between adults.

An exception is when the adults are in the same household as each other.

Adults who are in the same household as under 18s can train fully with each other. Households can train as they did before the Covid-19 hygiene protocols came in to place.

Coaches are not allowed to touch students during a training session. Exceptions include doing first aid or when they are in the same household.

Those of us that cannot do contact training can do bag, pad and grappling dummy work. There's also kata, with and without weapons.

Training sessions will (as usual) allow students improve skill, speed, suppleness, stamina and strength.

Hygiene protocols are in place. Bookings need to be made and confirmed by a coach before a person can attend a training session.

Please let me know if you want to attend the upcoming class at 730pm on Monday 17th. There is no session on Wednesday 19th May.

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