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Annual Awards 2020 and 7th Kyu Presentation!

The club's Annual Awards for 2020 have been announced.

The awards were given out over 4 classes rather than at our Annual Awards meal.

The first announcement was on Sunday 13 December.

The awards announced were:

Coach Of The Year 2020: Mark

Special Mention: Vicky Cutitchi

Andy: International Man of Mystery

LIndsey: The Scarlet Pimpernel

The second announcement was Monday 14th December.

Mason S received his Student Of the Year for his age group, Muayad was awarded a Student Of The Year Award.

At the third session on Sunday 20 December the awards presented were slightly different.

First up is Oscar. Oscar earned his 7th Kyu in early November. Sensei Jane Saunders and Shihan Peter Smith presented Oscar with his white belt certificates.

Congratulations and well done Oscar!

We were then back to our Annual Awards

Ethan was presented with his Coach Of The Year award and Sophie with 'The Tween' award.

Our fourth set of presentations were on Monday 21 December. This was our last training session of 2020.

The award winners announced had not been able to attend. Their awards were received on their behalf by stand ins.

Student Of The Year in his age group is Will.

Fin F receives 'The Perpetual Motion' award.

Mason O'B gets 'Where's Waldo?'.

'Best Dressed Feet' goes to Will

The awards given out on Monday 21 December will be presented to their correct recipients in 2021.

The complete list of awards is as follows:

There are two categories we have.

The first is where certificates are presented for memorable or unusual things that happen during the year. These (ahem) 'fun' awards may or may not be given with our tongues in our cheeks.

There were 8 given out:

Sophie 'The Tween'

Muayad 'If It Moves Hit It, If It's Not Moving - Move It, Then Hit It!'

Fin F 'Perpetual Motion'

Mason O'B 'Where's Waldo?'

Lindsey 'The Scarlet Pimpernel'

Andy 'International Man Of Mystery'

Jane 'The Finger Assassin'

Will 'Best Dressed Feet'

The more formal awards presented were

Insutorakuta Coach Of The Year 2020: Mark Best

Kenshuusei Coach Of The Year 2020: Ethan Connolly

Shogakusei Student Of The Year 2020: Mason Sinclair

Chugakusei Student Of The Year 2020: Will Alty

Kokosei Student Of The Year 2020: Muayad Khudair

Special Mention: Vicky Cutitchi

Thank you to everyone for their hard work and the good memories you have given us in 2020.

The senior coaches - Shihan Peter Smith, Sensei Jane Saunders and Sempai Mark Best - are very proud and appreciative of all the club's student.

Well done everyone!

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