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Annual Awards 29 Nov and White Certs

The club handed out its remaining Annual Awards and made a White Belt (7th Kyu) certificates presentation.

The remaining annual awards were presented by Shihan Peter Smith and Sensei Jane Saunders at the Bootle Dojo on Monday 29 November.

The annual awards presented were:

The Many Faces Of Ju Jitsu: Mark Best

The Duracell Bunny: Muayad Khudair

A Student Of The Year for 2021 was presented to Frankie Wiggins. Congratulations Frankie!

Vinnie Wiggins was presented with his completed White Belt certificates. Well done Vinnie!

Thank you to friends and family of the students and coaches at the club. Without your support the club would not be able to teach or train. Your support is really appreciated

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