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Changes To Covid Regulations in England

From February 24th 2022 entry to a venue using a QR code is not required.

Signing in for covid tracing purposes is not required.

Anyone testing positive for covid should not attend a club training session or activity for at least 5 days from the date of a positive test or the start of symptoms.

If you test positive you do not need to isolate, but you should stay home.

If advice changes it will be posted as soon as possible.

The club is retaining the signing in sheet for fire safety reasons. Heads of a party or a student on their own need to follow the directions of the venue's fire safety officer. If there is an incident the fire safety officer will require information from the head of a party or student.

For hygiene reasons hand gel, cleaning sprays, wipes and paper towels will be available at all sessions.

Kit cleaning between use and between sessions will continue.

Mask wearing is optional, please respect other people's choices.

Some members and some visitors are immune compromised or have health conditions. As an inclusive organisation the club must ensure everyone can be be safely included in any club activities.

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