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Crosby Stuart Football Fields Training!

The closest we could get to a team photo!

The club trained 'face to face' for the first time since the Covid-19 lockdown started. It was also our first outdoor session of 2020.

We observed social distancing and hygiene rules.

The video was taken by TJ's and Frankie's dad of the first session we were holding at 12pm on Saturday 11 July. Thank you Tony!

The sessions were held on the fields used by Crosby Stuart football teams. The club appreciates the support and help of Crosby Stuart. A special shout out goes to Frankie who has really made us feel welcome.

The first session had two pairs of brothers from different families. The boys couldn't train with the other family, but were able to train with their brother.

Frankie showed he has the battling spirit of Zinedine Zidane.

Mason also showed us his hurdling skills when doing the obstacle course.

After a break to sanitise equipment the second session was at 1245. A brother and sister were able to train together, the other 2 students were able to use kit to keep themselves as safe as possible.

We realised brothers and sisters enjoy trying to punch or kick right through a pad when their brother or sister is holding the pad.

The two other students really worked hard during the session. It was great to see students practising!

The final session was held at 1330. The three participants were from different families so were unable to make direct contact with each other. The three of them enjoyed doing the bo speed work. My ankles needed some care and attention afterwards!

Thank you to the parents, family and friends who helped ensure the students were able to train.

Weather permitting outdoor sessions will be held on Saturday 18 July at the playing fields. Please contact a coach to book a place.

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