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Excellent News!

On Sunday 13 September three of our students took their 2nd Kyu (purple belt) exams.

Will, Sophie and Ethan worked hard before and during the grading and passed the exam.

The gradings took place in our Bootle Dojo in Aintree Road.

Ethan, Sophie and Will can wear their belts with pride

The exams were taken using hygiene protocols and the students worked with family or used the grappling dummy Sam to show their skills during the gradings.

Sensei Jane Saunders was the examiner; the belts were presented to the successful students by Shihan Peter Smith and Sensei Jane Saunders.

The Principal of Attitude Dance David Heath was able to join us when we took the team photos of those present on Sunday.

Thanks go to David, Sensei Saunders and Col for helping ensure the gradings went well.

Congratulations to Ethan, Sophie and Will. Well done!

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