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Grades Awarded

Five students took part in gradings today (Sunday 30 August) at the Bootle Dojo.

Four of the students were awarded their Mon Grade for their White. The clubs uses Mon grades as steps to a full belt grading. The fifth student graded to White (7th Kyu).

The certificates were presented to the students by Shihan Peter Smith and Sensei Jane Saunders

Finley was the first to receive his certificate. The first step on his way to black belt.

Congratulations Finley!

Franky DM then received his Mon Certificate. Brilliant work Franky!

TJ stepped up to receive his Mon Certificate. Fantastic work TJ!

Mason S got his Mon Certificate next. Excellently done Mason!

Frankie W received his BKJJA and NAKMAS certificates from Sensei Peter and Sensei Jane. The certificates were for his 7th Kyu (White Belt). Impressive work Frankie!

The pictures immediately above include team photos (with and without bunny ears) and the class closing with practising counting to 10 - today we covered English, Spanish, French and Japanese.

Thanks go to Sensei Saunders for taking the gradings, Pauline and Mason for the photography, Lindsey, Will, Mason O'B. Alfie and Kearna for helping ensure the gradings went smoothly. The parents, family and friends also deserve thanks - without them we would not be able to run the club.

Well done and congratulations to Finley F, TJ, Franky DM, Mason and Frankie W!

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