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Junior Groundwork Competition

The club held a 25th Anniversary Event on Sunday 13th August in the Bootle Dojo.

This event is one of a series and allowed our under 18 students to demonstrate their skills.

At the Junior Ground Work Competition we have several medal winners.

In the cup competition the results are:

Gold - Thomas O'T

Silver - Harrison

Bronze - Lily and Ant

The round robin competition results are:

Gold - Thomas M

Silver - Ella

Bronze - Perrin

Well done to all the fighters, without their participation the winners would not be able to claim victory.

Jo's, Gary's and Michael's efforts as helpers and as officials ensured the event ran smoothly.

Martial artists Sempai Emma Steve and Sensei Jane Saunders contributions are appreciated.

The medals were presented by Shihan Peter Smith, Sensei Jane Sunders and Sempai Emma Stevens.

The club's coaches and students appreciate the support and help of the family and friends of the club's members. Without family and friends the club would not be able to function as it does.

Congratulations to the medals winners and thank you to all that helped ensure the event was a success

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