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Let's Get Ready To Train!

The club has received advice from NAKMAS about re-opening from Monday 29 March. Further advice may arrive before our first session on April 3rd (Easter Saturday)

The following are updates or requirements that may be different to the last time we had a training session.

Members and their families need to note the following points:

· Everyone needs to self-assess before coming to any activities – being aware of any symptoms and staying away as necessary.

· Attendees and spectators must be prepared to continue to adhere to legal gathering limits before and after any activities, acting responsibly and limiting transmission risk wherever possible.

· Participants are choosing to take part in a modified version of the discipline, including any relevant Covid-19 measures, and should comply with these measures as a condition of participation.

· Attendees must ensure membership/insurance are up to date to participate in sessions

· Spectators will only be allowed for the supervision of U-18s (for safeguarding) and that they must remain socially distanced from other households.

Please contact me if you have any questions

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