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Luta Livre Session

Thank you to Rob Brothwood for running the class at the Bootle Dojo on Wednesday 10 November. The session was showcasing Luta Livre, which is why we're doing an L symbol with our hands in this picture.

Luta Livre is a Brazilian freestyle fighting system. It's a 'no-gi' system, participants do not wear the usual uniform of those doing a Japanese martial art - such as our Ju Jitsu gi.

Those training 'no-gi' wear a t-shirt, rash guard or compression top.

Shorts, gi bottoms or similar are used. Some exponents wear footwear when practicing or taking part in events. The footwear is usually thin and highly flexible and not suitable as street wear.

Those attending the session appreciated Rob's skill and knowledge.

We hope to see you again. Thank you Rob!

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