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Outdoor Presentations!

A busy afternoon at Brook Vale. Several awards were made.

First up was Vicky.

Vicky received a wall banner as a prize for being the winner of the Chinese Year Of The Rat colouring competition.

Vicky was also given her Student Of The Month awards for March, April and June. three of the last six months - amazing. Congratulations Vicky!

Max received his April and June Student Of The Month awards. Brilliant Max!

Franky DM had a red tab placed on his white belt to show he is Mon White. Well done Franky!

TJ was next up to get his red tab to show that he too is Mon White! Excellent TJ!

Lindsey was given her Kenshuusei certificate to show the award of Trainee Coach! Excellent news Lindsey!

Time for the team photos! Well done to everyone!

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