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Outdoors Beckon!

Lockdown 1 Part 2 is expected to start on Monday 29 March in England. This will allow outdoor sports activities to happen. Several criteria need to be met and the easing of restrictions will be advised by the government. Advice and information on the restrictions can be found here.

Outdoor sessions can be cancelled at short notice because of poor weather.

When running a session we need to follow safety advice and regulations.

All age groups are allowed, adults and children.

Physical contact with people outside of your household or 'bubble' is not allowed.

The 'rule of 6' will apply. One coach to five students. Social distancing is needed by students taking part..

As we are outside then spectators (including family and friends) can be there, they must make sure any Covid 19 regulations are followed.

The club will be using it's safety protocols. Bookings will be needed for those taking part. A coach must confirm the booking before a student can attend.

The club is hoping to run its first outdoor session at Brook Vale Recreation Grounds.

The football fields in the grounds are the home of Crosby Stuart Football Club.

Our sessions usually take place near the entrance.

Cars are allowed on site and must be parked inside the grounds and not on the local streets.

Students practicing need to wear suitable footwear, we practice on the grass, Clothing suitable for the weather is needed, Hats and sun cream should be worn.

For those that have not been to Brook Vale before and you are coming by car the route map shown may help. Most of Brook Vale is a one way road.

This route starts from The Five Lamps War memorial and once you get to the memorial then it is the probably best way to get to the fields if you are using a car

The Five Lamps is a well known landmark on Crosby Road North.

The recreation grounds are close to (and some would say part of) Rimrose Valley. For those walking to the fields.

The session is running from 12pm, for 60 minutes on Easter Saturday 3rd April.

Please contact a coach to book your place. The place needs to be confirmed by a coach before you can attend.

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