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Randori, Sparring, Cheese v Katana and a visiting Elf!

Monday at 730pm on 13 December was the last session of 2021 in the Bootle Dojo.

Some changes were made to the usual lesson plan.

After a warm up we moved to sparring and randori

It was then time to see how a katana would deal with cheese attacking the defender

As we were leaving we managed to get some photos with our visiting Elf!

Thank you to all who have helped the club through 2021.

Coaches, students, our families and friends have ensured we have been able to run sessions during a year nobody expected.

People from Litherland Sports park and our friends at Attitude Dance have been supportive and helped ensure we could train safely.

My PC computer skills have improved because of running sessions from my dining room.

Your help and support is greatly appreciated!

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