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Saturday and Sunday Gradings!

The club held several gradings over the weekend of 13-14 November.

Shihan Peter Smith examined the students and presented the certificates for Junior Warrior gradings, Mon White and Junior White (7th Kyu) gradings.

Junior Warrior allow young students to move in steps to Mon White and 7th Kyu. Successful Junior Warriors receive a club certificate from the examiner.

The club uses Mon to identify that the the student is half way to achieving the belt. The successful Mon White students demonstrated they know five of the ten steps needed to pass a 7th Kyu grading. As Mon White students they are able to wear a single red tab on their white belt to show their progress. Students that pass a Mon grading are presented with a club certificate.

Those that pass the 7th Kyu grading (10 steps) can wear two red tabs on their white belt and receive a club certificate and a certificate supplied by our governing body - NAKMAS.

The following students graded on Saturday 13 November at Litherland Sports Park.

Bradley and Harrison Mc got their first Junior Warrior awards.

Mon White was awarded to Emily, Vicky, Max, Sabina, Catalin and Thomas O'T.

Ella R now has two red tabs on her white belt and is a 7th Kyu.


Six students took gradings on Sunday 14 November in the Bootle Dojo.

Harrison M got his first Junior Warrior award.

Mon White was awarded to Bella, Perrin and Theo.

Ryan is now a white belt (7th Kyu).

Ella R also received her completed White Belt certificates.

Well done!

Thank you to the other students at the sessions, they helped ensure the grading were a success!

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