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Sunday Mon Gradings

Today was a busy Sunday (28th April) at the session in the Bootle Dojo. Perrin was awarded Mon Green, Kaia was awarded Mon Orange. Oliver, Harvey N, Mikey, Bailey, Hassan and Hussain were awarded Mon White. We us the term Mon (gateway) to show the student is progressing through their belt. A student with a Mon award wears a single red stripe on their belt (obi). A Mon Green student has a red stripe on their orange belt. Mon Orange has a stripe on their yellow belt. Mon White students wear a red strip on their white belt. Juniors who are awarded full white have two red stripes on their belt.

The examiner and presenter of the awards was Shihan Peter Smith.

Congratulations and well done to Hussain, Hassan, Mikey, Bailey, Harvey, Oliver, Kaia and Perrin!

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