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YouTube Lessons!

The club has been posting YouTube videos. There's been a couple of music copyright hits. That's not affected the broadcasting of the videos as the club is not monetising them. YouTube provide copyright free music and sounds

There's also a channel that has copyright free music - though that's not always true. I've had a copyright hit from music supplied by that channel

I've used these tunes when creating the videos Beautiful Chinese Music - Cherry Blossoms Chinese Traditional Bamboo Flute Music - Free Copyright Icaro - Iaio AL Release Copyright-safe Mexicana En Lelé - Le Gang Vlog That's not a full list of the music the club has used in the videos. Please contact me if there's music used that you would like to know more about. The copyright hits the club received were with 'Eye Of The Tiger' which was used during a Tabata sequence and this

It was used during the calmer periods of a video Please keep giving the feedback. It's helped improve my video editing skills. Also if you view a lesson video please let me know so I can keep my register accurate.

Our channel can be found using this link

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