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Gold, Silver and Bronze Results!

Chagakusei and Shagakusei Fighters

The Dojo in Bootle was the venue for a Junior Ground Work Competition. The event was held on Sunday 14 October.

There were two competitions held.

One for younger fighters - Shagakusei Fighters.

The results for the Shagakusei were;

Gold: Will

Silver: Isla

Bronze: Jack W

The older fighters took part in the Chugakusei event.

The results for the Chugakusei Fighters were:

Gold: Daniel

Silver; Ethan

Bronze: Tom

Congratulations and well done to the medal winners.

Thank you to the other fighters, if they had not taken part and worked hard we wouldn't have been able to get any medal winners.

A special mention to the officials, parents, family, friends and coaches. Their support and help in enabling the fighters to take part is greatly appreciated.

Well done everyone and thank you!

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