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Yudansha Awards!

On Monday 21 January two of the club's under 18 students took their black belt gradings.

Shihan Peter Smith was the mat master who presented the students to examiner Sensei Jane Saunders.

Their uke - partners for the grading - were Ethan, Logan, Paul, Jack F, Andy W, Mark B and Graham.

The students would not have been able to demonstrate their skills without their presence. The commitment of the uke to ensure they worked hard was appreciated.

The coaches at the club have all been involved in ensuring the students were well prepared for the grading.

The family and friends of the students have had their role in making sure things went well. Bringing the juniors to and from the venues, encouraging their efforts and supporting the club.

Ben and Lindsey have worked hard since becoming students at the club. Monday night was the culmination of their efforts.

Congratulations to Ben and Lindsey on becoming yudansha (black belts).

Everyone at the club is pleased for you and proud of you.

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