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Putting A Spring In April!

The session on Saturday 27 April at Litherland Sports Park was enjoyably busy.

April's Student Of The Month was announced. Well done Ben, your hard work and support of the club is really appreciated.

Next up was Danny, he received his completed certificates from NAKMAS and the BKJJA. Danny graded on 20 April and was awarded 7th Kyu.

Isaac and Harvey took their 7th Kyu exam. Their success was recognised by Shihan Peter Smith and Sensei Jane Saunders.

The final presentation was made to Kat, her skill and efforts meant she was awarded 2nd Kyu.

The examiner at the session was Sensei Jane Saunders, Those helping ensure the grading went well were Mark, Lindsey, Ben, Isla and Ethan. Thank you for your help.

The certicates and award were presented by Shihan Peter Smith and Sensei Saunders.

A few moments of the usual fun happened. One being the moment Sensei Saunders told the club she was April's Student Of The Month and she was applauded and congratulated before Ben was announced as the actual winner!

Team photos followed at the end of the class. War faces, clown faces and voguing are sometimes difficult to tell apart from the formal team photos.

Thank you to everyone that attended, and to their family and friends; your support helped make the session a real success.

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