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Annual Awards Meal

On Saturday 7 December the club held it's Annual Awards Meal at Nicola's Ristorante, South Road.

It was also a chance to belatedly celebrate the club's founding 21 years ago in November 1998.

There are still a couple of awards to present formally, they will be announced as soon as possible.

The awards made at the meal were presented to the winners by Shihan Peter Smith and Sensei Jane Saunders.

The awards made were:

Coach Of The Year: Lindsey Webb

Senior Student Of The Year: Mark Best

Junior Student Of The Year: Sophie Connolly

Special Mention: Ethan Connolly

Congratulations to Lindsey, Mark, Sophie and Ethan. There are always several contenders for each award and receiving one is a real achievement.

Jane and I were privileged to be able to make the presentations.

We enjoy teaching and training at the club and during the year there is usually an incident or two worthy of being reminded of during our awards night. This year was no exception, some of the awards are now regular and each year we find new ones. This year's 'spoof' awards given out were:

Andrew Duffy: The Ross Cameron Award Jane Saunders: Better Late Than Never Alan Smith: The Scarlet Pimpernel Andy Wiggins: International Man Of Mystery Lindsey Webb: Best Hair Rollers Ian Wilkinson: Mr Indestructible Mark Best: The Finger Assassin

You will need to talk to the recipient to find out why they received a particular award.

Thank you to everyone who trains at the club. The parents, family and friends of students and coaches enable us to be a success. Thank you for your support.

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