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Annual Awards 2022 And Founding Day!

On Saturday 12th November the club celebrated 24 years since it was founded. To celebrate we held a meal at Nicola's Ristorante in South Road.

At the meal the Annual Awards were presented. The winners are based on the venues they train at and the age groups

Coach Of The Year: Lindsey Webb Coach Of The Year: Emma Steven Coach Of The Year: Chris Shalliker

Student Of the Year: Senior: Aidan Hollingsworth Student Of the Year: Junior: Alimou Balbe Student Of the Year: Junior: Michael Mockler

The club also wanted to acknowledge the support of others during what had been a year to be thankful of help from others.

Special Mention: Ethan Connolly (Kenshuusei Coach)

With Appreciation from all at the BKJJA : Gary Mockler With Appreciation from all at the BKJJA :: Mike Rowley

The club also presented club members and friends with 'interesting' awards based on activities during the year

Kancho : Jane Saunders

Scarlet Pimpernel: Sophie Connolly Castaway: James Webb Robinson Crusoe: Alan Smith Bunsen Honeydew: The Beaker Award Lindsey Webb Six Million Dollar Man: Mark 'Bionic' Best Knows his Coccyx from his Ulna, Radius and Humerus: A Joint Award: Chris Shalliker Ross Cameron Award: Andy Duffy International Person Of Mystery: {Insert Code Name Here}: A??? W??????

The club also appreciates the parents, family and friends of students. Without them the club wouldn't be able to run as it does. Thank you!

Congratulations to the award winners!

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