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Annual Awards And Anniversary Meal

Part of the dining area looking towards the large window that overlooks South Road
Nicola's Ristorante Interior

The Annual Awards and Anniversary Meal has been booked.

The meal will be held in Nicola's Ristorante.

It is an Italian Restaurant, the address is

The meal is booked for Saturday 12 November 2022, arrive at 6pm, sit down at 6.30pm.

Please contact me to book your place, no deposit is needed.

Family and friends are welcome to the meal.

It's timed for 6.30pm to allow children to attend.

It helps if you know your food order before you sit down.

The menu is at this link

Nicola's sometimes ask for the food order to be presented a few days before the meal to make sure they have ordered sufficient supplies.

Budo Kai Ju Jitsu was founded on 12 November 1998, making the club 24 years old this year.

The club will be presenting its annual coaching and student awards.

The usual 'special mentions' will also be presented.

Sensei Jane is keeping hold of her kancho award, so a replacement is needed.

If you have any suggestions for the 'special mentions' please let me know.

Peter Smith

Senior Instructor

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