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Certificates and Flags!

Shihan Peter Smith and Sensei Jane Saunders presented Franco with his completed 6th Kyu certificates at the training session on Monday 17 February.

Congratulations Franco!

As it's half term in Bootle and Litherland schools two of the students that usually train at Litherland Sports Park trained with the seniors. The club doesn't do 'games' - we only do 'drills'. Will and Thomas showed the seniors how to do drills that are usually only done at the Litherland dojo. As usual it was the juniors that performed best in the drills!

The club obtained a new flag yesterday - we now have a sizeable selection of national flags and a few 'fun' flags. We've collected flags based on the birth nations of our members and coaches. When the club or a club member visits another country to practice or take part in martial arts activities we add that country's flag to our collection.

We used the opportunity of a team photo so we could show off the flags from the nations of the people present. The team photos include the Union flag, the Scottish Saltire, the flag of England, the 'il Tricolore' of Italy, the new flag in our collection - the flag of Iraq, plus a Jolly Roger!

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