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Groundwork Competition Time!

Thank you to everyone who was at the competition (Sunday 30th October) at the Bootle Dojo.

The fighters were split in to two groups; The Giants and The Not So Giants.

To make sure each fighter had at least two fights losers of the first round of the Cup competition went in to the Plate competition.

The results were

Giants Cup

Ali - Gold

Franky - Silver

Thomas - Bronze

Giants Plate

TJ - Gold

Max - Silver

Carter and Ella - Bronze

Not So Giant Cup

Perrin - Gold

Jack - Silver

Kiarna - Bronze

Not So Giant Plate

Vicky - Gold

Sabin - Silver

Ahmed and Lily - Bronze

The participants (fighters), officials, helpers and spectators helped make the event memorable.

After the bouts and the presentations, some of the students were able to 'relax' in the small studio, while the main room was tidied.

A special mention to the parents, family and friends who bring the students to the sessions, without their support the club would not be able to function as it does.

Thank you to everyone for a really enjoyable day!

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