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What A Weekend!

Saturday 8 December and Sunday 9 December were quite eventful.

On Saturday one of our juniors graded to 4th Kyu (green belt)

Team photo at LSP

At Litherland Sports Park at the Saturday session Sophie was awarded her 4th Kyu. Olivia was Sophie's uke. Sensei Saunders was the examiner.

Well done Sophie!

The following day, Sunday 9 December there were 2 gradings to 1st Kyu.

Isla and Graham were awarded their 1st Kyu (brown belt) at the dojo in 3A Aintree Road.

It was a real family affair as Graham is Isla's dad.

Sensei Saunders and Shihan Smith were the examiners for Isla. Sensei Saunders examined Graham.

The uke for the day were Lindsey. Ben, Mark, Graham and Peter

Congratulations to Isla and Graham!

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